Loan for alcohol distribution company using a guarantor with no income

At Tembusu Financial Services, we take pride in being there for our clients when they need us the most. Take the case of a family-run alcohol distribution business that has been a cornerstone in the industry for years. Founded by the venerable Mr. Lim and now led by his daughter, the company faced unprecedented challenges in recent times. The rise of online e-commerce direct selling, coupled with the crippling effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, had taken a toll on their operations, pushing them to the brink.

When they turned to banks for a working capital loan, they hit a roadblock. The sole shareholder, elder Mr. Tan, who had no active income as he wasn’t an executive in the company, faced rejection after rejection due to the stringent income and credit history requirements set by most banks.

This is where Tembusu Financial Services stepped in. We understood the dire situation the company was in and recognized the importance of keeping this family business afloat. Leveraging our expertise and experience in financing, we were able to devise a solution that worked for them. We offered a loan secured by Mr. Tan’s property as collateral, bypassing the income-related hurdles. Our commitment to their

Car loan for a foreigner working as an expat in Singapore

A recent expatriate to Singapore was doing his car shopping when his excitement was met with disappointment because of a roadblock. He could not get a car loan because traditional lenders denied him a car loan due to his lack of local credit history and a guarantor.

That’s when Tembusu Financial Services stepped in. Instead of focusing solely on John’s lack of credit history, we took a holistic approach. We evaluated his background, current employment status, and salary and approved his car loan, making his dream of owning a car a reality.

Car workshop caveat loan for paying off credit card debts

A car workshop company was grappling with severe cash flow problems, pushing its shareholder to use his personal credit card to pay off mounting debts owed to suppliers. The credit card carried an exorbitant interest rate of more than 20% per annum, leading to a snowballing debt crisis.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, our team of financial experts stepped in through a loan broker. We advised the distressed client to opt for our caveat loan as a strategic solution to alleviate the company’s cash flow woes, steering clear of the burdensome personal credit card. Through a meticulous credit evaluation process, we leveraged the client’s property to structure a caveat loan tailored to the company’s needs.

With Tembusu’s unwavering commitment to our client’s best interests, we enabled the borrower to liberate themselves from the shackles of expensive credit card debt. Our expertise and extensive experience in financing ensured that the company secured the essential funding it required without any complications. Tembusu Financial Services stands as a beacon of hope, ready to assist businesses in their hour of need, always striving to propel them towards financial stability and success.

Personal loan for accredited investor for investment losses

An accredited investor and successful businessman found himself in a tight spot due to his cryptocurrency investments. He had suffered substantial losses in his crypto portfolio, which left him facing a looming cash crunch. The urgency arose from the fact that he needed to cover some maturing options, and his illiquid assets couldn’t provide the liquidity required.

Faced with this challenge, he explored various lending options but was met with roadblocks. Most unsecured lenders lacked the capacity to provide him with the substantial sum of $1 million he urgently needed. That’s when he turned to Tembusu Financial Services for help. Recognizing his status as an accredited investor with a strong credit history, Tembusu swiftly evaluated his case. In just two days, we approved his application and disbursed the much-needed funds within the week.

Tembusu’s timely assistance not only helped him overcome his cash crunch but also highlighted our commitment to providing flexible and speedy financial solutions for accredited investors. We understand the unique needs of our clients and are here to support them in times of financial need, ensuring their peace of mind and financial stability.

Mortgage-backed working capital loan for starting new project

In the currently booming marine industry, where grabbing new projects often hinges on having funds to pay upfront costs, Tembusu Financial Services played a pivotal role in enabling one company to set sail toward success. Our client, a prominent player in the marine sector, specializes in the design and construction of vessels. With the industry experiencing a boom, the company sought additional capital to undertake new projects and capitalize on the prevailing market conditions.

However, their existing Mortgage-backed working capital loan lender was conservative and hesitant to increase the loan quantum, despite the company’s potential for growth. This is where Tembusu Financial Services stepped in. Leveraging our expertise, we re-evaluated the mortgaged property, revaluing it at a higher price. This revaluation allowed us to refinance the loan at a significantly higher quantum, empowering our client to confidently bid on new projects.

The quick turnaround time and attractive terms of our financing solution not only provided the company with the funding it urgently required but also bolstered their profitability and repayment capacity. This symbiotic partnership between Tembusu and the marine industry player exemplifies how our financial expertise can transform challenges into golden opportunities, ensuring that our clients seize the moment and

Unsecured loan for reducing TDSR for short term needs

At Tembusu Financial Services, we understand that achieving your dreams often requires creative solutions. Take the case of Mr. Smith, a businessman who was in the process of purchasing a high-value second property. The challenge was that he needed a substantial loan to make it happen and had to maximize his Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR). To do this, he had to increase his cash reserves to pay down existing personal debts.

Mr. Smith turned to his own company, seeking to retrieve shareholder loans he had extended to the business. However, his company was facing financial difficulties with two consecutive years of losses. While traditional lenders may have hesitated due to the company’s financial performance, at Tembusu Financial Services, we took a holistic approach. We looked beyond the numbers, focusing instead on the strong creditworthiness of the guarantors. Within just two days, we approved the application, enabling Mr. Smith to unlock his TDSR and allowing him to secure his dream property.

Our commitment to helping clients achieve their financial goals, coupled with our speedy and flexible approval process, sets us apart from other financiers. At Tembusu, we believe in finding innovative solutions and making dreams a reality, even when the

COE car loan for self-employed insurance agent

John had his eyes set on a used car with a renewed Certificate of Entitlement (COE), but he encountered a roadblock – many banks turned down his loan application because the car’s COE had already been renewed. Adding to his dilemma, John’s income as a self-employed insurance agent was irregular and unpredictable, making it difficult for him to secure a traditional loan.

Enter Tembusu Financial Services, where we understand that financial situations vary, and we take a holistic approach to lending. John’s case was a perfect fit for our COE car loan solution. With our swift and flexible approval process, we were able to evaluate John’s unique circumstances and approve his loan within just one day. We provided John with the financial support he needed, helping him own a car which is a very necessary trade tool in the insurance industry.

At Tembusu, we pride ourselves on being the go-to choice for borrowers like John, offering a helping hand when other financiers can’t, and doing it quickly and efficiently.

Refinancing the loan for commercial properties in Bugis and Chinatown

A home-grown company with a portfolio of commercial properties spanning the vibrant Chinatown and Bugis districts in Singapore had their lock-in period for their existing loan approaching its end. They sought to explore their refinancing options, hoping to secure better terms that would empower further property investments.

Enter Tembusu Financial Services, your trusted partner in tailored financial solutions. We stepped in and delivered a financing package with superior terms that outshone those offered by Mr. Lim’s current lender. These terms included a significantly higher loan amount and a host of other advantageous conditions.

Why Tembusu was able to offer a superior loan package is because of our dedicated team which boasts an in-depth understanding of the local property market and cheap cost of funding. We comprehended Mr. Lim’s investment aspirations and leveraged our expertise to secure a loan that not only met his specific needs but also allowed him to capitalize on our competitive terms.

Investment holding company purchases shophouse in Club Street

An investment holding company had signed an option to purchase (OTP) to purchase a shophouse in the Club Street area. However, he needed a high LTV loan in order to fund this purchase and he was having much difficulty finding a lender who was able to do so.

The borrower diligently scoured the lending landscape, but each door appeared frustratingly locked. Traditional institutions, bound by risk aversion, failed to grasp the shophouse’s immense potential. Frustration mounted, and the looming deadline cast a shadow over the dream.

Enter Tembusu Financial Services. Our dedicated relationship managers, in concert with the borrower’s directors, dissected the business plan and delved deep into the guarantor’s credit history. Through this collaborative effort, we unearthed hidden gems, bright spots that illuminated our credit evaluation and enabled the borrower to pass with flying colors.

Tembusu extended approval for the mortgage loan the borrower needed. Our lightning-fast response and enticing terms transformed adversity into triumph. With Tembusu’s mastery of financing, the company secured the vital funds effortlessly, rescuing the shophouse dream from uncertainty.

Renovation loan for an upscale restaurant in Orchard

A restaurateur was embarking on his second upscale restaurant venture in the Orchard area. However, during renovations, he found himself in a financial pinch as costs exceeded his budget. Desperate to complete the project within the fit-out period, he turned to Tembusu Financial Services.

We swiftly assessed his company’s ability to repay and his personal financial strength. Our credit team was able to approve the loan he needed within a day, rescuing him from potential costly delays.

With our expertise in financing, we made the process hassle-free, ensuring he received the funding required to address his immediate financial needs.