At Tembusu we are happy to work with businesses and individuals to connect us to their network of clients and friends who require our financing solutions. We are actively seeking out opportunities to create partnerships with loan brokers as well as professionals from various fields such as bankers, accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, property agents.

Interested in becoming a loan broker in Singapore to provide loan financing solutions to your network and earn a lucrative income? Get in touch with us to find out more about our fully guided programme with attractive incentives for every successful loan deal.

Our Process

  1. Contact us

    We’ll explain to you our product features and rates

  2. Send us loan case information

    We’ll evaluate the case and prepare the execution documents

  3. Get paid commission

    Once we disburse the loan to the client, we’ll pay you

Depending on your preference, we can engage the client ourself, or do it together.

What Does a Loan Broker Do in Singapore?

A loan broker acts as an intermediary, utilizing their expertise and networks to assist clients—ranging from individuals to small and medium enterprises (SMEs)—in finding the most suitable financing solutions based on their unique needs and financial situations.

Loan brokers assess their clients' financial requirements and then scout the market to find loan products that match these needs. This process involves comparing various loan offerings from different financial institutions, including banks and non-bank lenders, to secure favorable terms and rates for their clients. By doing so, loan brokers help demystify the complex world of financing, providing clarity and streamlined options to borrowers who may not have the time, resources, or expertise to navigate the market independently.

Difference Between Direct Lenders and Loan Brokers

When seeking financing in Singapore, individuals and businesses often face a choice between approaching direct lenders or employing the services of loan brokers. Direct lenders, such as banks and financial institutions, offer a straightforward path to borrowing, providing loans directly to consumers. This direct relationship facilitates clear communication and might offer cost savings by eliminating intermediary fees. However, this approach can limit borrowers to a narrower range of loan products and may pose challenges for those with unconventional financial situations or less-than-perfect credit histories due to stringent qualification criteria.

On the other hand, loan brokers serve as intermediaries, connecting borrowers with a wide network of lenders to find the best loan terms available. Brokers offer the advantage of access to multiple lending options, expert financial guidance, and a more efficient comparison process, potentially saving borrowers time and effort. Their expertise can be particularly beneficial in navigating the complexities of loan applications and negotiations, ensuring borrowers receive terms that suit their financial situations.

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